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Why Strength?

In the Old Testament Liturgy today, David tells his son “Be strong.” But David knows real strength is not from willpower but is from God.

So, why do I need strength? For my own power? My prestige? My success? No. Jesus has a greater plan!

In the Gospel, Jesus directly empowers the Apostles for a mission. He tells them to trust Him and sends them out in pairs. With this strength, He told them to do three things. First, He tells them to cure the sick (help the hurting). Second, He gives them authority over evil so that they can spread His light. Third, they proclaimed a total change of heart and life, in a word, repentance.

God is gracious with His strength and other gifts. Not many are able to go out into foreign lands to spread His love, but His light is needed everywhere. You can listen to a distressed co-worker, smile at the grocery clerk, help your kids with their homework, visit that sick friend or relative, schedule a time for your family and friends to volunteer at the soup kitchen, or volunteer at our Parish. Please put your trust in God and ask Him, “How can I use Your strength for others and bring Your light to the world wherever You send me?”

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